XFS is a powerful and flexible cockpit operating system

For far too long, aviation hardware and software technologies have been tightly joined proprietary products that rarely work together to form the best system for pilots.

XFS is an alternative to industry-standard products. By deciding to focus on community-driven software development practices and making interoperability between all aircraft sensors, computers and systems the core value of the software, XFS increases safety, enables customization, provides a path to not become obsolete, and saves you money.

Demonstrator Currently Testing

Avilution outfitted a CH750 demonstrator aircraft with economical, industrial grade computer screens and networking equipment.

Combined with XFS, this commodity hardware has created a usable, safe HUD for our test pilots.

In test flights, we have been able to use all current functionality of the software.

As a home builder or aircraft manufacturer, design your flight system according to your needs and “own” the end user experience and systems just as much as as you do the aerodynamics.

Modern personal electronics run thousands of applications from different software developers on a wide range of devices.

This stands in stark contrast to the traditional marketplace of cockpit products, where hardware vendors use software that is written solely for individual products with no standard way for them to operate together. XFS is ready to changing this by providing the operating system to allow plug-and-play interactions between hardware and software.

XFS provides the operating system that allows any product to integrate into the cockpit

XFS provides an operating system that may be used with most any off-the-shelf aviation hardware you could buy. With XFS powering displays, reading from sensors, enabling communications, aiding in navigation, and interacting with the flight system, pilots are able to select the best hardware for their needs, whether they need to focus on performance or price.

Contribute to XFS

We are looking for developers with experience with RTOS and a passion for flight to extend the OS. Sign up to receive access to the SDK and updates.

Get early access

We are looking for experimental pilots to be the early beta testers of the product. Contact us now to enter the beta program.